NYC's Bloomberg wants traffic cameras 'on every corner'

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made it clear that he wants to see more traffic light cameras in the Big Apple, saying that he'd have the devices on every street corner if possible. According to The New York Daily News, the city brought in $52 million in fines generated by red light cameras last year alone. The mayor has been pushing for an increase in the number of cameras in the city from 150 to 225. A bill to do just that has passed the state senate in June, but has lost momentum in the Senate.

Bloomberg doesn't just want a jump in the number of cameras, however. He also wants to publish the names of those who blow through the stop lights in local papers to help shame wrongdoers into changing their ways. What's more, the mayor wants to look into the possibility of adding speed cameras to the mix. Big brother is coming to NYC.

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