Ready or not, David Coulthard and Red Bull Racing arrive in Austin [w/video]

The Circuit of the Americas isn't quite finished yet, and Austin isn't quite ready for the Formula One circus to roll into town. But apparently someone forgot to tell David Coulthard and the Red Bull Racing team.

David Coulthard in AustinLast week we reported on Red Bull's plans to run a demonstration event in downtown Austin over the weekend, but apparently their plans went a little further than that as their veteran driver took one of their F1 cars for a little spin in and around the Texas capital city.

The event included the foreshadowed run along city streets, but also took DC and the team out for a run through a good ol' Texas cattle ranch, and around the site of the grand prix track that is currently little more than a dirt road.

It's not every day you get to see an F1 car go off-roading, much less on a ranch or in America altogether, so check out the videos after the jump as well as the high-res image gallery.

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