Jay Leno teaches us about the Bugatti Type 51

Jay Leno seems to own just about every car he's ever desired, but not even the late-night talk show host has a Bugatti Type 51. So we're sure it was with great anticipation that Mr. Leno took delivery of a gorgeous, race-ready Type 51 for a few minutes in his envy-inducing garage.

Beyond the jump is the latest installment of Jay's garage series. Leno is admittedly very fond of Bugatti models, and he seems to know an awful lot about the Type 51. He talks up the twin overhead cam engine, shows off it's start-up process (it's got more steps than Ikea furniture assembly) and demonstrates one of the sweetest engine sounds we've ever heard.

Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself. We're guessing Jay will own the Type 51 by the time you've finished with the 12-minute clip.

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