Ford adds E85 Flexifuel to Focus lineup in Europe

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of Europe will make two additional powertrain options for the Focus available in the near future: the PowerShift automatic with dual dry-clutch technology and a Flexifuel, E85-burning 1.6-liter Duratec engine.

Ford says the PowerShift trans reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while providing a "more refined driving experience." Compared to the 99 horsepower, 1.6-liter automatic Focus, the PowerShift-equipped version cuts CO2 emissions by 19 percent and has an average fuel economy rating of 36.8 miles per gallon (U.S.). Ford says the PowerShift tranny will be available in most European countries later this summer.

Next up is the Flexifuel Focus. Using a modified version of the 1.6-liter Duratec gasoline engine (it has revised fuel injectors, hardened valves and valve seats, and a revised exhaust system and catalyst), the Flexifuel Focus burns E85 with ease, pumps out 118 hp and spits out 132 grams per kilometer of CO2 emissions. Ford says the Focus Flexifuel will enter the production cycle this summer and will be optional in European markets where E85 is available, including Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
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All-New Ford Focus Expands Choice of Green Powertrains

New Ford Focus gives consumers in Europe additional green choices with ultra-efficient PowerShift automatic transmission and E85 Flexifuel versions
Advanced high-efficiency Ford PowerShift automatic with dual dry-clutch technology now available on Focus 1.6-litre 125PS petrol model – the first application in Ford's European product range
New PowerShift transmission delivers more responsive and refined performance while cutting CO2 emissions by 19 per cent compared to previous Focus 1.6 automatic
Unique Flexifuel Focus with 120PS 1.6-litre engine allows customers to take advantage of green E85 fuel containing bio-ethanol
Use of bio-fuel significantly reduces the vehicle's carbon footprint, without compromising performance or driveability
Focus 1.6-litre with PowerShift and Focus Flexifuel available from late summer 2011

COLOGNE, Germany, 19 AUGUST, 2011 – The green appeal of the exciting all-new Ford Focus takes a further boost with the availability of two additional low-carbon powertrain options.

The introduction of the ultra-efficient Ford PowerShift automatic with dual dry-clutch technology, and the Flexifuel derivative capable of utilising E85 fuel containing bio-ethanol, provide Focus customers with two attractive new green alternatives.

"Cutting CO2 emissions and fuel consumption was a top priority on the Ford Focus, and these two new models further expand the choice of green options for Focus customers," said Roelant de Waard, Vice President, Marketing Sales and Service, Ford of Europe.

"Our investment in the latest powertrain technologies – from state-of-the-art diesels to the exciting new Ford EcoBoost petrol engines – is making a real difference to the performance of our products. The introduction of advanced PowerShift and E85 Flexifuel models gives Focus drivers fresh new ways to reduce their carbon footprint."

High-Efficiency PowerShift Automatic
New Ford Focus models with the 125PS 1.6-litre Duratec Ti-VCT petrol engine can now be specified with the high-efficiency 6-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission with dual dry-clutch technology.

This is the first application of the advanced dry-clutch PowerShift transmission in Ford's European product range, and replaces the conventional 4-speed torque-converter automatic which was available with petrol engines in the previous Focus model.
The ultra-efficient PowerShift transmission helps deliver significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while also providing a more responsive and refined driving experience.

Compared to the 100PS 1.6-litre automatic model in the previous Focus, the new Focus 1.6 with PowerShift has cut CO2 emissions by 19 per cent to 149g/km, and now achieves an average fuel consumption of 6.4 litres/100km (44.1mpg). At the same time, the 0-100km/h acceleration time is reduced from 13.6 to 11.7 seconds.

"The efficiency and responsiveness of the latest PowerShift transmission transform the appeal of the new Focus automatic model," said Graham Hoare, Executive Director Powertrain Development, Ford of Europe.

"The transmission is significantly more efficient than traditional torque-converter automatics, resulting in fuel economy levels and CO2 emissions which are very close to those achieved with a manual gearbox," added Hoare.

Dual Dry Clutch Technology
The new gearbox uses the same state-of-the-art dual-clutch concept as the PowerShift transmission which is already available in European Ford vehicles with more powerful diesel and EcoBoost petrol engines.

PowerShift transmissions are based on efficient manual transmission technology, eliminating the weight and complexity of a torque converter, planetary gears and the fluid pumps employed in traditional automatics. Electronically controlled, twin internal clutches shift gears quickly and smoothly, providing a seamless flow of torque to the wheels.

To suit the needs of smaller and less powerful models, the new transmission uses dry clutches to transmit the drive, rather than the wet clutch arrangement in the existing PowerShift unit which is designed to handle higher torque levels.

Adopting dry clutch technology enables the transmission to be lighter and even more efficient, with a simpler cooling system and energy-saving electro-mechanical actuation for clutches and gear shifts, further benefitting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In terms of performance, the new gearbox shares all of the benefits of the dual-clutch PowerShift concept, combining the efficiency, optimised gear ratios and driving enjoyment of a manual gearbox with the smoothness and ease-of-use of a conventional automatic.

Flexible Driving Modes and Intelligent Functions
The new PowerShift transmission offers Focus customers the freedom of selecting a fully automatic mode – with the choice of a standard setting or a more responsive sports shift schedule – or opting to make swift and smooth manual changes using a shift button located on the gear lever.

The transmission has been carefully optimised to deliver the best possible shift quality, launch feel and overall driving dynamics, and also incorporates a number of intelligent functions which help to maximise driving comfort and further improve fuel economy. These include:

Hill Start Assist – Prevents the vehicle from rolling back on a hill by maintaining brake pressure until the engine delivers enough torque to move the vehicle up the slope, providing improved driver confidence and safety.
Low-speed driving mode – Provides the typical 'creep' function which drivers expect from an automatic transmission, allowing them to control the vehicle confidently using the brake during low-speed manoeuvres.
Neutral idle – Allows the clutches to disengage when the engine is at idle or during deceleration, thus reducing friction and improving fuel economy and NVH.
Clutch micro slip – Helps to reduce fuel consumption by allowing lower engine speeds without unwanted NVH. Tiny amounts of clutch slippage help to damp engine vibration at low engine speeds, and make gear shifts smoother.

The Ford Focus 1.6 Ti-VCT will be available with the PowerShift transmission in most European markets from late summer 2011.

Flexifuel Model Offers Low-Carbon Alternative
The all-new Ford Focus is now available with a unique Flexifuel model which allows customers to take advantage of green E85 fuel containing bio-ethanol.

Ford was the first vehicle manufacturer in Europe to offer production passenger vehicles with Flexifuel technology, and the Focus Flexifuel model was launched in Sweden in 2001. A full range of Ford Flexifuel vehicles is now available across a number of different European markets.

Because bio-ethanol is a regenerative energy source produced from renewable biomass, using E85 fuel can result in a significant reduction in overall CO2 emissions over the life cycle of a vehicle – without any compromise to performance and driving pleasure.

Using a modified version of the 1.6-litre Duratec Ti-VCT petrol engine, the new 120PS Flexifuel Focus replaces the 1.8-litre model which was available in the previous Focus range.

"Ford has been an industry leader in offering a choice of vehicles with Flexifuel technology, and this latest Focus model continues that tradition," said Graham Hoare. "Ford Flexifuel cars provide customers with an attractive way to significantly reduce their carbon footprint."

Ford Flexifuel Technology
The Flexifuel version of the new Focus can be fuelled with either bio-ethanol E85 fuel or conventional unleaded petrol, or with any mix of the two, so that customers can refuel their vehicle with whatever grade is available.

The engine uses a state-of-the-art control module which detects the mix of fuel being supplied, and automatically adapts to the optimum setting for those conditions.

To suit the particular characteristics of E85 fuel, the 1.6-litre Ti-VCT engine has been extensively modified with an upgraded fuel system and revised fuel injectors, hardened valves and valve seats, and a revised exhaust system and catalyst.

The 120PS Flexifuel engine delivers virtually identical performance figures to the conventional 125PS version, while the Flexifuel model achieves CO2 emissions of 132 g/km (running on E85 fuel) compared to 136 g/km for the 125PS engine.

An engine block heater is incorporated to support starting in severe temperatures below -10 deg C.

The Ford Focus Flexifuel will enter production this summer. The largest European market will be Sweden, where sales of the Focus Flexifuel totalled over 10,000 units from 2008-2010. The model will also be available in a wide range of markets where E85 fuel is available, including Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

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