Burning cars filling up Berlin streets

Berlin is facing a rash of vehicle arson this year with more than 320 vehicles set ablaze in 2011 so far. Authorities claim that at least 140 of those incidents have been politically motivated, with the arsonists leaving notes at the scene. Those crimes have targeted luxury makes like BMW and Mercedes-Benz as part of growing unrest among Germany's lower classes. The notes typically contain some sort of anti-gentrification message. As for the rest of the torchings, law enforcement says those crimes are largely copycat in nature or simply vandalism for vandalism's sake.

Nationwide, Germany is facing unemployment of around seven percent while Berlin deals with nearly double that figure at 13.5 percent. Most of the fires take place at night, all but ensuring that criminals get away without fear of being caught. The city's police force has escalated patrols and added helicopter surveillance, but with over 3,000 miles of city streets to cover, the police department can't be everywhere at once. Thanks for the tip, Toy Yoda.

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