Owner left with bill for burnt BMW after Vancouver riots

The Vancouver riot was a disgraceful act that played out in an otherwise wonderful Canadian city. Violent rage filled the streets, and misguided idiots turned their furious attention to local property in the form of store fronts and automobiles. One particular automobile was a black BMW M5 belonging to Jazmin Perez, who fought hard to try and keep the masses away from her German super sedan. Unfortunately for Perez, the ruthless mob didn't relent and her expensive machine burnt to the ground. Her saga doesn't end there, however, because Jazmin Perez is now on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of damages.

The BMW M5 in question was leased to Perez, who had insurance to cover the market value of the car. With her car now torched and ruined, Perez now needs to pay the difference between the insurance payout (fair market value) and the remaining balance she owes on her lease. The total she owes is reportedly in the thousands of dollars. Her insurance company and the leasing company both say they understand this was not her fault, yet contracts are contracts and Perez is the one who signed on the dotted line.

We feel for Perez in this situation. Mostly because she now owes thousands on a car that was destroyed by idiots, but especially because that car was a BMW M5.

Head over to CBC News for video of Jazmin Perez discussing her situation.

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