Birdman can't pay for his new $8 million Maybach Exelero

What kind of person would order an $8 million Maybach? The same sort who'd take another Maybach and hack it up with a saw and blowtorch. That's right, a hip-hop mega star.

Long before Jay-Z and Kanye West shot the music video for "Otis", Bryan "Birdman" Williams had placed his order for his very own Maybach Exelero. The price tag: a whopping $8 million. Pocket change for a guy worth over $100 million with a Veyron and a Landaulet in the garage. But now he seems to be running into some trouble.

Apparently, Birdman still owes money on his other seven-figure rides, and has yet to fork over the eight mil to the Exelero's current owner Arnaud Massartic. Until he does, it remains the European entrepreneur's property, though Birdman very well might find a way to work it into his next video just the same.

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