Aston Martin shows off V12 Zagato, announces U.S. sales program

If you like Aston Martins but have grown tired of the aging design that characterizes the Vantage, DB9 and Rapide model lines, Monterey, California, is the place to be this week. That's where, amidst all the classics and concours, Aston is showing off its latest car, the V12 Zagato, marking the first time that the car has been shown in North America. The transatlantic voyage follows the concept car's decorated unveiling at Villa d'Este, its competition debut at the Nürburgring and the announcement of its production, which will start next summer.

While many times limited edition cars like this are reserved exclusively for Europe, Aston Martin tells us that the V12 Zagato will be available to customers here in the United States. Granted, buyers will only be able to import the cars under a Show or Display registration, but we're guessing that most owners wouldn't drive more than the limit of 2,500 miles per year, anyway.

While you most likely won't be one of the lucky 150 people to get a £330,000 V12 Zagato, you can get your visual fill of the car in the high-res gallery above.

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