R/C car takes hydroplaning to a new level

"I can remember when my grandfather taught me how to skip stones. You know what he told me?"

"Always make sure the stone is flat..."

Yes, we all remember the classic scene from Speed Zone (also known as Cannonball Run 3 or Cannonball Fever) where the old man is out at the lake teaching his little grandson to skip stones. Just as he's instructing on how to throw the stone at the correct angle, the training session is interrupted by a red Lamborghini Countach that flies off a short pier, skips across the water and ends up safely on the other side.

No, it's not that easy in real life. Unless, of course, you do happen to have a vehicle with a relatively flat bottom along with the proper tires and lots and lots of power. Or at least the radio-controlled equivalent. Need proof? We suggest you see how it's done in the video after the break.

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