EV Profiler helps you discover what kind of EV is right for you

Maybe you're more of a plug-in hybrid guy/gal, or maybe you're ready to kick that nasty fossil fuel habit for good and glide home on pure electricity (from a green source, of course). Before you make a big investment on an EV, though, mightn't it be worth making a small investment of time and money to be sure?

If you've been wondering whether an electric vehicle might have the range for your daily commute, but you don't want to shell out for a Leaf, Volt, or Tesla before you know for sure, maybe it's time you spent a few days with an EV Profiler.

The EV Profiler, from Georgia-based EV Profiler LLC, mounts in your current car and collects information about how far and how fast you drive. Given a few days, it'll produce a detailed report on your driving habits that will help you pick the vehicle which will be most at home in your garage. Using the Profiler isn't free, but at $25 a week to rent, it's a whole lot cheaper than making a mistake by buying a vehicle whose range or performance doesn't match your needs.

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