Mystery car company Eterniti promises Hemera luxury crossover in Frankfurt [w/video]

What you see above is a teaser sketch of new car, called Hemera, from a new London-based luxury automobile company, called Eterniti Motors. The full concept will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few weeks, and don't worry – up until this writing, we had never heard of any of this before, either.

Call us skeptical on the car and company's viability, but we'll have to wait until we see this thing in person to assess its chances.

Aside from this sketch, Eterniti Motors has not released a single detail about its Hemera concept. We can see that it's a high-riding five-door and its sleek proportions and aggressive front fascia speak to an aura of sportiness. Kinda.

Until we can figure out what exactly is going on here, give us your best guess in the Comments, and follow the jump for Eterniti's official press release (all three sentences of it), as well as a teaser video for the Hemera.

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Eterniti Motors – The New Luxury Car Brand

A new luxury car brand is coming.
A different kind of luxury car brand.
A luxury car brand from london.

Eterniti Motors.

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