Codemasters announces free-to-play, browser-based F1 Online: The Game

Attention Formula One fans, your work day is officially ruined. Well, it will be come the first quarter of 2012. That's when Codemasters plans on releasing a new browser-based F1 game. Top teams, tracks and cars will be available on the same machine that you normally use to read when you should be updating the TPS reports.

F1 Online: The Game will allow you to race for McLaren at Silverstone or Lotus at Monaco. Feeling more adventurous? You can create your own team and manage all aspects of it. That means running the research, marketing and team functions of your very own F1 entity. Excited? We haven't even told you the best part yet – the game is free. Hear that noise? It's the sound of IT departments battening down their firewall hatches across the country.

If you can hardly contain your excitement, you can sign up on the game's website for updates on its launch.

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