Former ABG writer publishes Volt biography called "Recharging The Car" *UPDATE

The name Sam Abuelsamid should be familiar to long-time Autoblog and AutoblogGreen readers, and it will hopefully soon reach a wider audience now that our former fellow scribe has written a book all about the Chevy Volt called "Recharging the Car: Chronicling the Development of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt."
We haven't yet read the book (it was just released), but we may have read parts of it back in the day. Sam says that "Recharging the Car" is a compilation of articles from ABG (and other sites) "along with related articles about the response of other automakers." Here's a tease:

Back in December 2006, I was still relatively new on the automotive journalism scene but I got invited to a General Motors background briefing in New York City. Jon Lauckner, Beth Lowery, Tony Posawatz and others from GM spent the next two hours describing a new kind of electric (please, please don't call it a hybrid) car that was designed to overcome the problem of "range anxiety."

It's been a long, strange trip since then. You can pick up Sam's self-published ebook at either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

*UPDATE: Turns out, the previous title, "Charging Into The Future," was also used for another book, so Sam changed the name to "Recharging the Car." We've updated this post to reflect this. Also, we should have mentioned that after leaving ABG, Sam went to work for Weber Shandwick, GM's PR agency.

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