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Bentley adding hybrids and/or diesels soon?

Some rumors seem to never die. Take, for example, the rumor that Bentley will, at some point, offer an alternative fuel vehicle.
First it was thought that Bentley would some day wheel out a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Well, that never panned out. So, next came rumors that the luxury automaker was testing out some sort of hybrid vehicle. That gas-electric Bentley was rumored to launch in 2011. Needless to say, a production hybrid Bentley does not exist. However, it's still rumored that future Bentleys will employ hybrid technology, but we're not so sure that a gas-electric Bentley will show up soon.

Apparently, Bentley has now turned its attention to diesel. Word is the luxury automaker is working on an SUV that will make use of Audi's V12 TDI engine. Bentley reckons that 738 pound-feet of torque will be required to move this monster SUV and says that level of torque can be extracted from the V12 TDI. Reports say that, if Volkswagen gives Bentley's SUV the production green light, then it will hit the scene in 2014. The sport-ute will reportedly slot in between the Continental and Mulsanne, giving it a price tag in the neighborhood of $230,000.

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