Land Rovers could lose 1,100 pounds over next decade

If Land Rover – or for that matter, any automaker that specializes in making vehicles that aren't particularly efficient – has any hopes of meeting strict future standards for fuel mileage and emissions, it's going to have to take some drastic measures.

Sure, hybrids are one potential option that we're sure the automaker is working on, as are more diesels, but these high-tech powertrains are expensive. And, though often overlooked, diesels and hybrids are also heavy, which is one issue Land Rover would have problems with overcoming since its SUVs are already big, bulky and, well... pleasantly plump.

And so it comes as little surprise that the British bred (and Indian owned) automaker has decided to introduce a smaller, friendlier model called the Evoque. But that's just the start of Land Rover's apparent plans. The Detroit Bureau reports that the automaker is planning to shed as much as 1,100 pounds from its 'utes over the next decade using materials like aluminum and carbon fiber in place of conventional steel, without actually altering the size of its vehicle's footprints.

The first sign of Land Rover's far-reaching goals will reportedly be seen in the form of a new Defender concept that's set to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. We'll be paying close attention to this machine, as the company claims it is designing the next Defender to meet U.S. regulations.

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