BMW DesignworksUSA previews updated San Francisco subway

BMW's product portfolio has expanded far beyond the sports sedans and cabriolets of old to include all manner of vehicles. But a subway train? You betcha.

As we initially reported a couple of weeks ago, San Francisco's transit authority has commissioned the BMW Group's DesignworksUSA studio to revamp the Bay Area Rapid Transit system – the city's subterranean railway, also known as BART for short. The project entails facelifting both the interior and exterior of the existing trains, as well as sprucing up the 44 stations that they service.

It's not the first time the automaker's design consultancy has been brought on board on a subway project, having performed a similar task in Warsaw, Poland, but we've now got our first glimpse at what those Bangle disciples have got in store for the bayside public transit system. Follow the jump to watch the video.

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