chevy volt assembly line

Looking to join the growing number of "green" automotive workers? Well, then consider packing up and moving to Michigan (if you're not already there). That action would seem to be the most logical since the Great Lake State is now home to more than 38,067 "green" automotive jobs, according to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Wildlife Federation and the United Auto Workers.

The study shows that Michigan is home to the most "green" automotive jobs, with 38,067 workers at 97 facilities. Ohio, with 13,753 jobs at 28 facilities, came in a distant second place. All told, some 151,000 "green" automotive jobs now exist throughout the U.S.

Peter Lehner, the NRDC's executive director, says the production of fuel-efficient vehicles have led to the creation of more jobs and claims that "strong fuel efficiency standards have employed people nationwide, so stronger standards will certainly mean even more job growth in the future."

Along with Michigan and Ohio, these states make up the study's top-15 list: Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, California, South Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Illinois, Virginia and Arizona.

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