Why Florida's 70-plus charging stations are virtually useless

Residents of Florida now have even more incentive to ditch their gasoline-burning vehicles in favor of an electric automobile. In the past year, Florida has become a plug-in vehicle hot spot. Well, sort of. There's a chicken and egg issue going on.
Finding a place to plug-in an electric vehicle in Florida is relatively easy. With some 70-plus charging stations installed throughout the state and 300 more coming soon, locating a charger in Florida ain't a problem. The problem, surprisingly, is buying an electrified vehicle in the Sunshine State in the first place. In fact, Plugin Cars says that, at this point, there are, "about zero electric cars on Florida's roads."

Tim Trudell of Orlando Utilities Commission says, "Orlando is now one of the most electric-vehicle-ready communities in the state." That's all fine and dandy, but without plug-in vehicles available, does it really even matter if charging stations exist?

Rick Frazee, owner of Best Western Mt. Vernon Inn on Orlando Avenue, had two charging stations installed courtesy of Coulomb's ChargePoint America program. To date, only two vehicles have charged up there. Frazee told the Orlando Sentinel that he may have, "overestimated how much people would use them," but he remains hopeful. As do we.

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