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Next-gen Hyundai Santa Fe heads for the desert

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Where would you expect to find Santa Fe? Why, in the desert, of course! And that's just where this Hyundai prototype was heading to undergo hot-weather testing. But on the way, the engineers apparently needed to take a rest, and our intrepid team of spy photographers found this test mule sitting in the parking lot of a motel.

The result is our first look at the next-generation Korean crossover. Although it's wearing a bra that would make Christina Hendricks blush and more body-cladding than a whole army of medieval knights, what we can tell is that the next-gen Santa Fe adopts some of the same styling cues that have made Hyundai's latest sedans so popular. But don't take our word for it: click through to check out the extensive gallery of spy shots from every angle both day and night for a closer look.

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