U.S. Tesla store averages 12,000 visitors a week

When it comes to electric vehicles, the $109,000-plus Tesla Roadster 2.5 is probably a bit too pricey for Average Joes, but that hasn't deterred thousands of tire-kicking Americans from dropping by one of the Tesla Motors showrooms to check out the nearly sold out Roadster.

In fact, Tesla says one of its stores attracts, on average, some 12,000 visitors a week. Most of these store-going people are what we'd call tire kickers – common folk who want to check out a vehicle and maybe even test drive one, but have no intention of buying. The fact that these tire-kicking Americans are flooding Tesla's showrooms seems to indicate strong interest in the automaker's vehicles, and perhaps even electric vehicles in general. The massive foot traffic has got to be a positive sign for Tesla, right? How about you, have you ever gone in just to look around?

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