Pagani Huayra still coming to U.S., just delayed until 2013

Hold your horses, ladies and gents. All 700 of them. It appears that earlier reports of the Pagani Huayra's exclusion from the U.S. market may have been a tad premature.

As you may recall, we reported yesterday on a ruling from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that denied Pagani its application for exemption from certain airbag regulations. The assumption was that this would put a big damper on Pagani's plans to enter the American market, but if the latest reports prove accurate, that now appears to be little more than a speed bump. And as little as exotic supercars and their drivers like speed bumps, they can, one way or another, be overcome.

According to GTSpirit, Pagani appears to have been prepared for the NHTSA's refusal. The application had been submitted some three years ago, and since Pagani Automobili had not received a reply until now, it had already begun work on the advanced air bags as required. The request – such as had been granted to other niche supercar manufacturers – was simply to give Pagani some extra time to implement the rules and allow it to sell in the U.S. in the meantime. Clever.

Reports highlight just how far Pagani has gone to heighten the safety measures in the new Huayra with such features as a carbon-titanium passenger tub from which the rear subframe breaks off in the event of a catastrophic crash, and a fuel system that cuts off pressure if the fuel line is severed. In other words, over and above what NHTSA mandates.

The rigorous application of the advanced airbag regulations may mean that Pagani's planned deliveries for late 2012 could be pushed back to early 2013, but one way or another, Pagani is determined to sell here in the United States. And given the speeds of which its cars are capable, we wouldn't count on them arriving too late, either.

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