BMW 7 Series under investigation for roll-away issue

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun an investigation (not a recall) into BMW 7 Series models made from 2002 through 2008. The reason? A 2006 BMW 7 Series rolled away when it was parked, and NHTSA wants to make sure this was an isolated incident. After all, we don't want to see more unintended activity involving any of the 120,000 units sold between that time period.

We're not going to worry just yet, however, as the lone incident resulted in no injuries or an accident. Still, there are a few other reports of folks experiencing a randomly rolling 7 Series, and NHTSA is examining the electronic transmission shifter. The unit is designed to place the vehicle in park when the engine is turned off.

Once we hear more with regards to the mysterious case of the roving 7 Series, we'll let you know.

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