Another dealership refusing to honor eBay Motors sale [UPDATE 2]

Another day, another story of a dealership refusing to honor an eBay Motors transaction. (It seems these tales pop up at least once each quarter.) Today's adventure in online car shopping comes courtesy of Xou Vang of Anchorage, Alaska, who was the winner of a 2009 Nissan GT-R, with a top bid of $55,100. That's a pretty good deal on a supercar with only 36,069 miles showing on the odometer. Honda of San Marcos in Texas thinks so, too, which is why it's refusing to sell the car to Vang for the amount of his winning bid.

This was a No-Reserve Auction. Those of you reading at home will understand what that means, but the dealership clearly does not. In fact, Honda of San Marcos wants Vang to pay $59,000 for the 2009 GT-R, instead of the $55,100 that the now-closed auction calls for.

Xou Vang is turning to the Internet for help, because the dealership is stonewalling him. When Vang was lucky enough to speak to someone there, he was told that the auction was a mistake and his winning bid will not be honored. Apparently, this particular dealership has never seen Internet justice at its finest. Remember the BMW dealer who tried to pull the same stunt? It ended up relenting, and we would be surprised if Honda of San Marcos doesn't do the same. It made a $3,900 mistake, but the dealership should remain held accountable for the error. Situations like these make us wish eBay Motors would move to suspend dealer accounts when they behave like this.

You can follow his saga on the forums.

UPDATE: The dealership in question has reached out to our friends at Motor Authority, and it seems it's none to happy about the way it's being "portrayed." In fact, Honda of San Marcos is threatening Motor Authority with a lawsuit. Head over there for the full account from Nelson Ireson, who is an editor for MA and just happens to be a lawyer himself.

UPDATE 2: The dealership has relented and agreed to sell the GT-R to Vang for $55,100. The Internet prevails yet again.

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