Son scares mom with shotgun ride in twin-turbo Lamborghini

Underground Racing takes your "everyday" Lamborghini Gallardo, and then turns it into a twin-turbocharged exotic beast that burps fire and destroys rubber. Robert Himler is a young man that is fortunate enough to own such an automobile, and his example produces 1,250 horsepower... at the wheels.

That sounds awesome. It also sounds terrifying, and Himler's mom would agree. She recently rode shotgun with Robert while the driver had a dash-mounted camera rolling to catch her reactions to the ride. The fun starts at just over a minute in, but the video is fairly boring after that. Skip to the funny, then check out the other clip we have for showing Himler's Gallardo pretending it's a flamethrower. Both videos are yours for the watching, after the jump.

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