Zagato going after Scagliarini over Fiat 500 design knockoff

If you scoped out Scagliarini's take on the Fiat 500 the other day and thought it looked a little familiar, you're not alone. Never mind that the company's name sounds suspiciously similar to the panel-beating department at Ferrari after which the 612 was named. No, the design appeared to rather unabashedly pilfer from the Fiat 500 Zagato Coupe unveiled in Geneva earlier this year. And the point is not lost on Zagato itself.

In a brief message received by Autoblog this morning, Zagato was quick to point out that Scagliarini bears no connection to the Milanese design house, that they had no involvement in the project (beyond its belief that it's had its designs ripped off) and that it is pursuing legal action.

So if you liked the design, you may be better off waiting for the real deal to reach production – assuming it ever does. As for the all-wheel-drive of the Scagliarini, well, maybe that's something Fiat might consider as well. After all, the Panda platform on which it's based is already geared for it.

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