State Farm launches OnStar-like service called In-Drive

State Farm has partnered with Huges Telematics to introduce a new vehicle services system called In-Drive. The system offers up emergency response assistance, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostic alerts and maintenance alerts. Buyers can opt in for free after a $10 activation fee, though various packages are available from $5 per month to $14 per month. State Farm hasn't said which services are available at which price point, however.

In addition to the handy services, In-Drive also features a slightly Big Brother aspect. Buyers can receive speed and location alerts on their vehicle while another family member is behind the wheel, and more importantly, State Farm can use the device to monitor your driving habits.

Technically, the insurance agency says that those who opt in can choose to be part of an additional program called Drive Safe and Save. The system will measure everything from the amount of miles you drive to the times of day you take to the wheel as well as your vehicle's acceleration, cornering, braking and average speed. The company says that participating can cut your insurance bill by anywhere from 10 to 50 percent, though its unclear whether or not your rates can jump in the opposite direction should you prove to be a heathen behind the wheel. Click past the jump to check out the press release or head over to the State Farm site for more information.
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State Farm® Announces New Effort to Bring Connected Vehicle Services and Savings Program to Millions of Drivers

In-Drive® from Hughes Telematics Offers New Safety and Diagnostic Features; Service Also Broadens Access to State Farm Drive Safe & Save™ Program

August 2011 – State Farm and Hughes Telematics, Inc. are announcing a major joint effort to bring connected vehicle services and telematics savings programs to drivers across North America. The new effort is called In-Drive® and has been tailored specifically for State Farm policyholders by Hughes Telematics, Inc. The service debuts in Illinois in September with more states to be added in 2012.

In-Drive offers a variety of new safety and diagnostics features including:

· One-touch emergency response,

· Roadside assistance,

· Stolen vehicle location assistance,

· Vehicle diagnostic alerts and maintenance reminders, and

· Family-friendly features like location services and speed alerts.

In addition to offering these capabilities, the service also includes a special website and smartphone app for remote and mobile access.

"This combined offering represents a first in our industry," said Mike Wey, Senior Vice President, State Farm. "It will provide drivers with a wide range of new options that will make for a smarter vehicle and even smarter driver."

In-Drive provides an easy-to-install device that works in most vehicles made after 1995. It broadens access to new connected vehicle services without requiring drivers to purchase a new vehicle.

Services will be available in three different packages. For the first six months, the basic package will be free after a $10 activation fee. Other packages will range in cost from $5/month to $14.99/month plus applicable taxes.

Additional Savings Program

In addition to offering new connected services, In-Drive also will enable more State Farm policyholders to take part in the Drive Safe & Save program. In-Drive will provide driving performance data and the customer's savings will be based on mileage, turns, acceleration, braking, speed and time of day vehicle is operated.

Initially, those opting to participate in this voluntary program will save approximately 10 percent on liability, medical payments, collision and comprehensive coverages. The amount of premium savings can change at each renewal date (every six months) as odometer readings and other driving information become available. The discount may increase up to 50 percent, based on how safely a person drives, when they drive, and how much they drive. The website will showcase where a customer's discount stands and what factors have contributed to the discount. Drivers also can receive personalized tips on what they can do to maximize their savings.

Those who drive the national average of 12,000 miles per year can typically save from about three to 20 percent depending on the way you drive. These discounts are on top of other discounts State Farm provides.

To find out more specific information about In-Drive and Drive Safe & Save and eligibility, contact a State Farm agent or go to To find out more about Drive Safe & Save, go to

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