Lamborghini working on 250-mph Aventador?

Well well well, what have we hear? Looks to us like a Lamborghini Aventador prototype wearing the wheels from a Bugatti Veyron. The question is, why would an Aventador need the rolling stock from a Veyron?
Is Lamborghini preparing an Aventador Sang Arancio edition? Maybe, but not likely. More likely is that the Raging Bull gang is working on a high-speed version of the Aventador, and have borrowed the Bugatti's wheels and tires – which were specifically developed for high-speed running – in order to put it through its paces.

Of course there is another possibility we can't discount: namely, that Bugatti is preparing to use the Aventador's platform for a new supercar of its own. But with expectations that the Galibier will be the next to wear the EB letters, we're gonna go with the high-speed Lambo prospect and keep our eyes and ears peeled for more.

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