Toyota shows next Avalon to dealers, rumors suggest it looks like A7, XJ

When we think Toyota Avalon, phrases like 'social security', 'medicare' and 'Denny's Grand Slam' come to mind. The reason? The majority of Avalons out on the road are driven by old folks and curtain rod salesman, but a report from Automotive News suggests that this could all change in the very near future.

In its report, AN claims that the next Avalon was shown to Toyota dealers in June, and the employees loved what they saw. The large sedan will reportedly undergo a massive redesign that will morph the Avalon from a granny-glider to a curvy stud, with design comparisons already being made to the Audi A7 and the Jaguar XJ.

Sure, Toyota dealers typically spend their work days looking at the Yaris and Corolla, so their design eye could be muddied a bit. But at the very least, the next Avalon should be very different from the model we know and ignore today, and that should be a welcomed change of pace.

Speaking of the Yaris and Corolla, AN states that both models are slated for redesign. The new Yaris will arrive this fall with more aggressive styling and a bit more interior room. The Corolla will also get a heavy refresh for the 2012 model year, though the more thorough overhaul will likely come in the spring of 2014. The Corolla will reportedly evolve into more of a European-inspired design instead of following curvy competitors like the Ford Focus.

Another interesting development could come courtesy of the Sequoia SUV. AN claims that Toyota is looking into dropping the current model for the 2014 model year and using the Sequoia name as an entry trim for the iconic Land Cruiser. In total, Toyota will reportedly unleash 10 new or redesigned vehicles through the end of next year.

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