Oxford YASA Motors relocating to expanded facility in Milton Park

Oxford YASA Motors has announced it's expanding and will move from Abingdon in Oxfordshire county in the South East region of England to a facility located in the nearby business district of Milton Park. The phased relocation process will be complete by the first quarter of 2012.

Oxford YASA Motors produces the YASA (Yokeless And Segmented Armature) axial flux motor that has no stator yoke, a high fill factor and short end windings, all of which supposedly increase the efficiency of the motor. Oxford YASA motors power such vehicles as the Westfield iRacer, Delta Motorsports E4 Coupe and even the Ecotricity Ion Horse.

Currently, Oxford YASA Motors is developing its second-generation YASA motor, which the firm says will be optimized for power density and will crank out an industry-leading 10 kilowatts (13.6 horsepower) per kilogram (2.2 pounds). The relocation to the expanded facility in Milton Park will allow Oxford YASA to meet rising demand for its axial flux motors.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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