Video: Melissa Leo Talks About Her Hardcore Ice-Driving

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Though Melissa Leo may have lost her cool with the pardon-my-French language she dropped during her Oscar victory speech, she's a lot more Zen on the highway.
This means no expletives at the wheel. "No, road rage is a very dangerous beast," she said. "Using that language in great excitement is a far better use of the vernacular than using it in anger."

As a former Vermonter and current resident of Stone Ridge, N.Y., she has to deal with her fair share of icy conditions and has to be as creative with her steering as with her language.

Perhaps that prepared her well for he role in Frozen River, in which she smuggled illegal immigrants across the border from Canada to the U.S. In that Academy Award-nominated role, she took the beat-up Dodge Spirit across the St. Lawrence River -- not necessarily our first choice at AOL Autos for an all-weather vehicle.

"I'm quite a good snow driver," Leo said. "I did do all that driving in 'Frozen River.' I did it all by myself."

When we wondered if she was scared, Leo said she was straight intrepid: "No, my filmmaker assured me I would be safe, and out on the ice I drove."

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