Schneider Electric introduces outdoor EVSE, can charge two cars at once

At last year's Plug-In Conference, Schneider Electric was talking about being a "one-stop shop" for plug-in vehicle chargers. This year, the company was back with a new charging unit and a renewed emphasis on providing plug-in vehicle drivers with the right EVSE.

That new Schneider charging unit is an outdoor charging station, which was announced in Raleigh, NC during the conference. It can be either wall- or pedestal-mounted, and the pedestal version has two J1772 ports, perfect for fleet users. The indoor version, which costs less than $1,000, was introduced back in February; both are UL approved.

Part of Schneider's one-stop shopping idea is to provide help with installation, and the company website can point you to a certified contractor nationwide. If one of Schneider's EcoXperts (i.e., certified contractors) does the installation, then the warranty on the indoor or outdoor units will be 24 months. If another contractor does the work, then the warranty is 18 months.

Schneider doesn't conduct its own predictions, but Mike Calise, Schneider Electric's new director of electric vehicle solutions, told AutoblogGreen that industry expectations say that eighty percent of plug-in vehicle owners will have have home charging and Schneider "is absolutely supporting that side of the business." Schneider is also involved with at-work charging, so that the other 20 percent has somewhere to fill up (public charging is another option for these apartment dwellers, or whoever they are).

There was a third EVSE on display in the Schneider booth: a DC quick charger of a type that is already installed in Europe. This device is not yet UL approved in the U.S., so the unit on display is just a prototype. We'll see where things stand at Plug-In 2012.

[Source: Schneider Electric]

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