Infographic: Which U.S. cities spend the most on gas?

Gas guzzling cities infographic – Click above to view more

It almost seems that with each passing day, commuters across the nation are increasingly pinched as the average cost of gas inches up. However, since driving habits and pump prices vary considerably from state to state and even from city to city, the truth is the problem afflicts some commuters more so than others.

How significant is the variation in cost? Well, a study released by Mint reveals that residents of some cities pay more than twice as much for gas a month compared to commuters in other towns. This statistic and a slew of other conclusions were drawn from data reported by the visitors.

Topping the list in dollars spent on gas a month is San Jose, CA, where commuters dish out $216 for fuel. Down at the bottom of that list is New York, NY. Residents there spend just $102 a month on fuel. Note that this graphic counts gas costs only, and not transportation costs – all those subway and taxi rides in NYC aren't free. Want to find out where your city ranks? Click here to check out Mint's gassy infographic in its entirety.

[Source: TreeHugger, Mint | Infographic: Mint]

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