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Electric McRae Buggy shows up at 2011 Spanish Baja [w/video]

Electric McRae Buggy – Click above to watch video after the jump

Before putting 5,000 miles of torturous terrain on the odometer in the 2012 Dakar Rally, the ultra-lightweight electric McRae Buggy made its rally debut at the 2011 Spanish Baja Super Special Stage in late July.

Dutch driver Tim Coronel, along with partners Novolectriq, ProDakar and All Green Vehicles, announced that a prototype electric McRae Buggy completed a six-kilometer stage at the Spanish Baja in six minutes, 40 seconds. That may not sound impressive but, if the prototype was competing in the event, it would have been quick enough to place 13th overall.

The 90-kilowatt (122-horsepower) McRae prototype had only one of its three battery packs installed for its Spanish Baja drive. The finalized version of the electric McRae Buggy – the one that's scheduled to compete in Dakar in January – is to be fitted with a 200-kw (272-hp) electric motor and lithium-ion battery packs with 54-kWh of juice. Want to see more? Hit the jump for some action-packed video of the electric McRae Buggy.

[Source: Gas 2.0]

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