Crazy hit-and-run on UK police car captured by dashcam

Police in Surrey, England had a close call recently. A driver in a BMW ran what looks to be a roadblock, striking a Volvo police car before coming to a stop against a traffic barrier. An officer standing at the rear of the patrol vehicle was also struck and thrown as a result of the collision. Miraculously, the policeman not only appears to have escaped harm, it would appear he actually had the presence of mind to pursue the fleeing driver on foot. According to the Associated Press, the perpetrator was later apprehended after a brief chase. There's no word on exactly how far under the local penitentiary they plan on burying the guy.

The clip is a good example of just how dangerous everyday police work can be, especially when unpredictable drivers are involved. Hit the jump to check out the remarkable dashcam video for yourself... and remember to give your local law enforcement some space next time you see them on the side of the road.

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