BMW 1M Coupe chases M3 CSL around the Nürburgring

When BMW finally revealed just all that there is to love about the 1M Coupe, plenty of onlookers immediately began debating whether or not they'd lay claim to the baby M or the legendary M3 if it were their cash on the line. We're still not entirely sure where we'd put our hardly earned money if it came right down to it, and the video after the jump doesn't make the decision any easier. In it, a professional race driver takes to the helm of the newest addition to the M stable in an attempt to keep pace with an experienced M3 CSL driver around the infamous Nurburgring.

How's that for a match made in Germany?

The two BMW heathens fight their way through traffic and generally have a good go at one another. Officially, the M3 CSL carries a 'Ring time of 7:50 while the 1M Coupe can do the deed in 8:15, though in this case, the driver of the smaller M says he thinks he can break eight minutes in his steed with a little practice. Hit the jump to check it out for yourself.

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