America's Scagliarini Motorsports presents its Fiat 500 Coupè Zagato Elaborata

The Fiat 500 is just beginning to pop up on roads all over the country. It's available in hardtop and cabriolet forms, and the hotted-up Abarth version is just around the corner. Some can't wait to modify the car, and Boulder, Colorado-based Scagliarini Motorsports is ready to offer a slew of aftermarket accessories. Scagliarini is so into the new 500, it's decided to build a special version of its own, and the name is larger than the car itself.

Called the Scagliarini Motorsports Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato Elaborata (try fitting that script on the hatch!), this modified Italian started life as an Abarth before gaining filled-in rear windows and an all-wheel drive powertrain. Carbon fiber accents are placed inside along the Alcantara-covered front seats. Behind the wheels sit Brembo brakes, while Abarth EsseEsse parts add a dash of go-fast to the engine. The all-wheel drive bits were pulled from a Fiat Panda. The car will be built at Scagliani's Italian design studio, and wears searingly hot Lamborghini orange paint, otherwise known as Arancio.

Check out the high-res shots of the Fiat 504cze (the shortened version of the rather long name), and click past the jump for the full press release.
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Scagliarini Motorsports Accepts FIAT 500 Coupè Zagato Elaborata Commission, Turns Elaboration into RallyeInspired Thoroughbred

BOULDER, Colorado (August 1, 2011) - Scagliarini Motorsports, the leading Abarth and FIAT 500 performance car company in North America, announces today the company has accepted the commission to build its take on the FIAT 500 Coupè Zagato.

"On my bicycle ride Saturday a larger essence for the Scagliarini 500 Coupè Zagato Elaborata became manifest," Scagliarini Motorsports Managing Director Michael Salvarani says. "I shared the epiphany with our client, and he asked how soon could the car be delivered.

"In the space of 60-hours we created an elaboration steps ahead of anything imagined," Michael Salvarani says.

"We took the FIAT 500 Coupe Zagato, filled the rear windows, introduced an Abarth 500 chassis, and added allwheel drive. The Scagliarini 500czè is body, mind and spirit."

Making reference to the FIAT 8v Elaborata by Zagato, Scagliarini Motorsports calls its final elaboration the 504 Coupè Zagato Elaborata (Scagliarini 504czè), the "4" indicating all-wheel drive. The cagliarini 504czè was conceived before the creation of Centro Stile Scagliarini, the company's newly-formed design house to be located in Italy.

The Scagliarini 504czè will receive the company's just announced carbon fiber appointments, designed specifically for the Abarth 500. Other upgrades to the base Abarth 500 include Abarth 500 EsseEsse components, Abarth front seats in alcantara, Brembo brakes, and a Ragazzon performance exhaust.

The commission came from a buyer of the Scagliarini 500u, a limited edition FIAT 500 by Scagliarini Motorsports commemorating the 150 anniversary of Italian agglomeration. The client, a resident of the United Arab Emirates, asked Scagliarini Motorsports to provide its take on the 500 Coupe by Zagato.

"The day we announced the Elaborata we started receiving emails from nearly all corners of the globe," Michael Salvarani says. "As of now we are preparing a single copy of the Scagliarini 504czè, but we have an agreement in place for a limited [production] run based on demand."

Scagliarini Motorsports is planning to construct the Scagliarini 504czè in Italy, and will use an Abarth 500 already in the company's possession. The all-wheel drive system, developed for the European Cinquecento, uses FIAT Panda 4x4 components including a locking differential. The car will be finished in a amborghini Arancio, and may feature a removable top.

"With the Scagliarini 504 Coupè Zagato Elaborata we have established Scagliarini Motorsports on the world-stage proper," Managing Director Michael Salvarani says. "The Scagliarini 504 Coupè Zagato Elaborata is a tribute to Abarth co-Founder Guido Scagliarini, and we could not be more proud. Of course, our hats are off to Zagato for their design."

Scagliarini 504 Coupè Zagato Elaborata
Manufacturer: FIAT Base Car: Abarth 500
Constructor: Scagliarini Motorsports
Model: Scagliarini 504 Coupè Zagato Elaborata
Engine: MultiAir 1,4L 16v Turbo (T-Jet)
Engine Tuning: Abarth-Scagliarini Module 180Hp / 230-250Nm + BMC Air Filer w/ CDA
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual C510
Accessories: Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Kit for All Abarth 500 Models:
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Antennae Base
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Door Panels*
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Front Air Vent
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Grill
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Splitter
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Panel
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler
+ Scagliarini 500ssc Carbon Fiber Surrounds
Brakes: Brembo GranTurismo
Exhaust: Ragazzon EVO Line Rear Silencer Group N w/ 2x1 102mm Terminals
Safety: Roll Cage
Seating: Abarth Corse Seats by Sabelt in Alcantara
Suspension: Koni FSD w/ Abarth EsseEssse Lowering Springs
Tires: Marangoni Zeta Linea or Pirelli Pzero Nero
Wheels: Abarth 17" by OZ Racing
Options: Scagliarini 500awd w/ Locking Differential

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