261 charging stations installed in Portugal; 1,350 coming soon

Thanks to AutoblogGreen tipster Marcos, we now know that at least 261 charging stations have been installed and are operational in Portugal. While that certainly seems like plenty, especially since only 100 or so electric vehicles are currently tooling around the streets of that country, there are apparently 1,000 additional chargers to come.
Technically, Mobi.E is the "Portuguese electric mobility consortium," which basically means that it's more or less a conglomerate of local governments, utilities and organizations with a shared interest in advancing the deployment of plug-in vehicles, including two-wheelers.

Mobi.E say that by June of 2012, some 1,300 public-use, Level 2 charging points will be installed across Portugal and that at least 50 DC quick-charge stations will eventually be installed too. Once all of the 1,350 chargers become operational, Mobi.E says that at no point in Portugal will a driver ever be more than 80 miles away from the nearest charging station. Imagine that! Read more about Mobi.E here. Hat tip to Marcos!

[Source: Mobi.E]

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