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Report: Sony to enter automotive lithium-ion battery market

According to foreign media reports, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony has announced that, come 2015, it will enter the automotive lithium-ion battery segment. Sony says that with domestic and foreign automakers gearing up to launch numerous plug-in vehicles, it will soon be the right time to get ready to join the fray.
Reports say Sony will begin by negotiating lithium-ion battery contracts with automakers and is expected to initially manufacture all cells at an undisclosed facility located somewhere in Japan. Word is that Sony may consider producing li-ion batteries overseas at some later date.

Supposedly, Sony' first batch of prototype automotive lithium-ion batteries boast long life and the ability to be repeatedly charged without losing a significant amount of energy. For now, that's all we know of Sony's automotive li-ion efforts.

[Source: Gas 2.0]

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