Passenger catches Canadian bus driver doing paperwork while driving

Passengers on a bus put a lot of faith in the person behind the wheel. A bus driver will shuttle many folks in his or her daily routine, and it's that person's job to make sure people get where they're going safely. One passenger on a Canadian bus line recently managed to capture a driver doing just the opposite.

As the bus was in motion, the man behind the wheel decided it was an opportune time to fill out a little bit of paperwork. The person holding the camera stated that the driver was also using his phone before switching to this exhibition of distracted driving. Of course, this isn't the first time riders have attempted to exact a bit of YouTube justice on unsafe bus drivers – we've previously seen videos of a Portland bus jockey reading a Kindle, as well as an overachieving Italian operator using not one mobile phone, but two. Click past the jump to watch this latest example of distracted driving.

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