World Report, 7/29: Obama Raises CAFE Standard And More

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This week the White House set a new Corporate Average Fuel Economy ( CAFE) standard for the year 2025 of 54.5 MPGs. Sure, that's nearly a decade and a half away, but in the intermediate carmakers will have to meet an already established CAFE standard of 35.5 MPGs by 2016.

What will it mean for the consumer? AOL Autos Editor-in-Chief David Kiley predicts that the new fuel economy guidelines will lead to more electric vehicles on the road, but still allow enough flexibility for auto manufacturers to continue producing trucks and performance cars. [ AOL AUTOS]

Red Light Camera

The New York Times reports that Los Angeles red-light cameras are on their way out after a unanimous City Council vote on Wednesday. When first installed in 2004, traffic light photo-enforcement spurred a backlash of concerns over privacy and due process, but ultimately it was a lack of revenue that killed the program. [ NYT]


Last weekend the all-electric TTXGP/ FIM e-Power International Championship took to the famed Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey, CA. Cyclist Steve Rapp delivered a victory for Mission Motors and Autoblog Green was there to catch all the action. Check out the 4 galleries worth of photos they snapped during the event. [ AUTOBLOG GREEN]

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