UK opens free, solar-powered plug-in vehicle charging network

For first time-ever, electric vehicles will soon be able to travel the length of the UK using a network of free, solar-powered "top-up" charging stations located near motorways. According to Ecotricity, the company that installed the network, range anxiety has now been removed from the electric vehicle equation in the UK.
Every charging post will be powered with energy made at Ecotricity's wind and solar parks scattered across the UK. The first "top-up zone" will be installed at Welcome Break's South Mimms service station by the end of July, and phase one of installing a network of 12 chargers will be complete by September. Within 18 months, all 27 Welcome Break motorway service stations in the UK will have at least one charging station.

Each post has two sockets that can be accessed with the swipe of a free pass card. Electric vehicles will be able to "top-up" in just 20 minutes using the rapid recharge (32 amps) points or fully charge in as little as two hours; while those using the less powerful sockets (13 amps) will be able to recharge overnight.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, says that:
Until now, charging posts have all been in city centers like London, but this is where you need them the least. Statistics show that it's not in towns and cities where electric cars need to recharge, but on longer journeys between cities – and that means motorways.
Vince continues on, saying that Ecotricity is creating the infrastructure that will get the UK's " electric car revolution moving" and claims that the installation of the "top-up zones" mark the "beginning of the end for the old combustion engine." Hat tip to Andy!

[Source: Ecotricity, Daily Mail]

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