Danish city vetoes Better Place chargers because they're the wrong color

The city council of Frederiksberg (the fifth largest city in Denmark) has vetoed the installation of Better Place charging stations for an unusual and kind of ironic reason. Frederiksberg's council states that Better Place's gray and blue charging stations violate the city's aesthetic policy, which states that all curbside equipment must be green.

Jan E. Jørgensen, chairman of Frederiksberg's technical and environment committee, reportedly told Urban newspaper that Better Place must adhere to aesthetic regulations, stating:
We set these demands on city infrastructure, regardless of whether they are bicycle stands and charging stands, in order to avoid that the city becomes one big mess of colors. Better Place won't offer customers green charging stands because, according to them, it is not economical.
According to Better Place, Frederiksberg is the only city that has objected to the charging stations. Better Place's Claus Melvej told The Copenhagen Post that:
Putting the color of a charging station over a clean city environment, with less noise and particle pollution, is beyond me. It is not possible for us to accommodate their demand. Our charging stands are produced for an international roll-out.
Melvej says that manufacturing chargers in "98 different colors" to please the world over is, well, absurd. Agree? Who do you support? Frederiksberg? Better Place? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

[Source: The Copenhagen Post]

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