'Ring run in the rain raises the bar

You might be a good driver. Perhaps you've had a few good runs at your local autocross, taken a lesson or two from Skip Barber or even tried your hand at some wheel-to-wheel racing. We're going to go out on a (very) short limb, however, and respectfully say that you aren't as good of a driver as Andreas Gülden.

Mr. Gülden is the chief instructor at the Nürburgring Driving Academy, meaning he has complete access to the famed track as well as a fleet of Formula Super cars. At least one of those cars has a camera on it, and for that, we're thankful.

Gülden took the keys to said camera-equipped car and set out on a lap of a soaking wet Nürburgring. The resulting footage is a master class in car control, a shining example of balls nerves of steel and the type of lap we can only dream of someday completing. Someday.

Click past the jump to watch one of the most exciting Nürburgring laps of all time.

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