Hitachi Chemical to double anode production for automotive li-ion batteries

Hitachi Chemical will invest some 3.5 billion yen ($44.8 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) to add third and fourth anode production lines at its Yamazaki Works facility in Japan. Once operational, Hitachi Chemical says that its production of anode materials for automotive lithium-ion batteries will double.

For use exclusively in vehicles, Hitachi Chemical says its graphite-based anode materials have high capacity density and discharge efficiency and have been developed with a focus on extending vehicle range. Hitachi Chemical has also developed amorphous carbon anode materials for hybrid vehicles. Hitachi's anode materials have been adopted by Nissan for use in the Leaf.

Hitachi Chemical is currently producing anode materials for vehicles on two lines at Yamazaki Works. As of July 2011, Hitachi's production of anode materials was rising steadily. The additional lines will be operational by September 2012.

[Source: Hitachi Chemical]

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