Deportations due to drunk driving and traffic violations escalate dramatically

There are a few key ways for an illegal immigrant to get deported. Anything to do with making or selling drugs is the number one way to get kicked out of the country, with 45,003 cases in the last fiscal year alone. That's up nearly one third from 2008, but drug offenses may not be number one for long thanks to a surge in drunken driving-related deportations.
According to the Associated Press, drunk driving-related deportations have nearly tripled from 10,851 cases in 2008 to 28,635 in the fiscal year ending September, 2010. Another 13,028 illegal aliens were deported for other serious traffic violations – three times the 4,527 offenders deported in 2008. The spike in drunken driving deportations is a part of a larger influx of illegals being deported for various reasons. In total, 393,000 non-U.S. citizens were shown the door, with half of those deported for criminal offenses.

The message here? Drinking and driving is always a bad move, but for illegals getting behind the wheel after excessive drinking, getting busted can mean a whole lot more than a few hefty fines.

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