208 hybrids set world record in "quietest parade ever"

On Sunday, hundreds of hybrid vehicles – mostly Toyota Priuses – converged on Madison, WI to attempt to set a Guinness World Record in Smart Motors Hybrids On Parade 2011 event.

In total, 208 hybrids banded together, shattering the existing record for hybrid vehicle parades, set at 140 vehicles back in 2010 in Belgium. Sunday's procession of hybrids completed a 2.1-mile loop in 20 minutes. Organizers had hoped for 500 hybrids, but 208 still beat the existing record so it wasn't all bad.

Due to the fact that the vast majority of the parading hybrid vehicles operated in electric-only mode for most of the drive, the event, sponsored by Smart Motors, was appropriately dubbed the "quietest parade ever." Organizers crunched some numbers after the parade and estimated that the 208 hybrids consumed a total of four gallons gas on the route.

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal]

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