GM to help tiny Vermont town try to set record for longest Cadillac parade

Barton, Vermont is a small town with big ambitions. The tiny burg just so happens to be the birthplace of Henry Leland: the man behind both Cadillac and Lincoln. As such, the municipality intends to honor Leland by attempting to nab the honor of the world's longest Cadillac parade from a car club in the Netherlands. In order to make it happen, the city of 2,800 people is inviting Caddy owners from around the country to join up at the Orleans County Fair.

General Motors decided to pitch in on the effort by spreading the word throughout its social media empire and dealer network as well as paying the Guinness Book of World Records adjudication fee of £4,000, or around $6,513.

If all goes well, the fair will have more than 102 cars on hand. That's the number of vehicles required to best the standing record. Barton has even worked up a sepia-toned YouTube video inviting Cadillac owners near and far to the event, including the famed Bruce Springsteen. The parade is set to get going on August 17. Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself.

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