The Coast Transit Authority (CTA) of Gulfport, MS, as well as Nantucket Energy Corporation, partnered with nationwide network Alliance AutoGas to convert a portion of their fleet of public vehicles over to clean-burning propane autogas.
CTA says that autogas is the most cost-efficient alternative fuel available and will convert four Glaval buses to run on affordable autogas. Meanwhile, Nantucket Energy Corporation will supply propane autogas to fleets on Massachusetts' tourist-attracting island. Program administrators there say the shift to autogas is congruent with "the historically independent, resourceful spirit" of Nantucket.

Alliance AutoGas is a national group consisting of propane retailers, conversion experts and equipment suppliers that assist fleet managers with the switch from gasoline to autogas. U.S. autogas is 90 percent made-in-America, so fleets powered by autogas should, at least in theory, reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil. Autogas is approximately $ 1 per gallon less than gas and, due to its high octane rating, reportedly increases engine life and reliability compared to gasoline-fueled vehicles.

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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