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Tata to follow World's Cheapest Car with World's Cheapest Home?

is out to offer the world a cheaper way to live. In addition to producing the least expensive vehicle available anywhere, the Indian company has its sights set on cranking out a flat-pack home for the princely sum of $720. According to MSNBC, the domicile boasts a heady 215 square feet of living space and can be erected in as little as a week. The walls are hewn from coconut or jute fiber, and as such, the building is only good for around 20 years of use. As such, Tata doesn't envision the small homes as suitable for city construction.

Instead, the low-cost houses could be ideal for putting a roof over the heads of homeless or as temporary structures for government agencies. The houses are set to hit the market in the next six to eight months. A prefab kit will also contain necessities like windows, roofs and doors, and the company is already drawing up plans for a more spacious model with solar panels and a tidy veranda.

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