Love Me Tender: SACS pays homage with Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari dinghy

Back a couple of years ago, Italian boatcrafter SACS teamed up with both Lancia and Abarth – each a division of the Fiat group – on a pair of ridiculously powerful rigid inflatable boats. The Lancia model packed 1,120 horsepower and a closed cockpit, the Abarth a trifecta of 350-horsepower V8 outboards.

Now SACS has returned for another collaboration with Abarth, only this one is decidedly smaller. Designed as a tender for a larger yacht (as opposed to a stand-alone watercraft), the SACS is a tribute of sorts to the Abarth 695, which itself is a tribute to Ferrari.

Little in the way of details were released, but from the photo we'd say it probably packs an internal water-jet engine and measures about ten to fifteen feet in length. Only 199 examples will be made – each coming with a handmade SACS Mare bag stitched by Tramontano in Naples – and if the red color scheme is a little too much for your taste, it's also available in yellow, blue and silver. Press release after the jump.
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The "SACS - Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari" tender

The "SACS - Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari" is a brand-new tender for living the dream of boating without limits. This top-performance craft for yachting in style springs from the collaboration of SACS and Abarth.

The result of the combination of the unmistakably sporty character of the two automotive brands and the high quality level of SACS, international leader in the production of dinghies, is a limited-edition tender with a unique design entirely inspired by Abarth cars. Only 199 have been made.

It is available in several colours: Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari, Rosso Corsa, Giallo Modena, Blu Abu Dhabi and Grigio Titanio.

The "SACS - Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari" tender is the ideal craft for discovering the beauties of the most secluded inlets and the smallest harbours and is perfect for quick transfers from boat to land. It is the solution for large boat owners who demand a sporty style also for short trips.

The body - today shown in typical Rosso Corsa - sports "Abarth Tribute Ferrari" badges on the sides. Carbon Look panels matching the body cover the console, while seats have characteristic Abarth red stitching.

The tender is delivered with a SACS Mare Abarth bag, handmade by Tramontano, the famous workshop in Naples, perfectly in tone with the product. Another 100% Italian product exclusively for "SACS - Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari" owners.

Turin, 11 July 2011

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